Class of 1951 - 50-Year Reunion Photo

Class of '51 at our 50th Class Reunion on June 15, 2001.

Last Row: Bert McFadden, Bob Tallon, Wayne Smith, Faye Maloley, Don White, Marv Dyer, Don Sarnes, Dean Wheeler

Second Row: Burt Anderson, Ted Wilson, Jerry Brandorff, Dave Alkire, Karl Kostbaun, Tom Reed, Robert Zapp, Roy Chadwick

Third Row: Charlie Margritz, Ruth Koch Brown, Geraldine Michel Jorn, Marilyn Jensen Nelson, Marilyn Delap Rose, Leona Major McNulty, Norris Renken, Jack Sherman, Rosie Hibberd Jelden, Don Hennek, Laurel Wood

Fourth Row: Leonard Serviss, Mary Lou Beardslee McFadden, Ann Kopf Anderson, Harriet Rickertsen Calkins, Darlene Reichert Whitlock, Nora Brown Madsen, Jane Stewart King, Bonnie Chadwick Sliffe, Gloria Rupe Benzel, Dee Macke Weber

Front Row: Mary Jean Stuckey Condon, Mary Lou Dixon Lienemann, Carol Huff Haussler, Cynthia Washburn Barnes, Armelda Zwick Schreiber, Ruth Struempler Cyriacks, Virginia Martin Alfredson, Kathleen O'Donnell Walton, Jack Stedman

Class of 1951 55-Year Reunion Summary

Reunion Memories!

Class of '51 - 55 year reunion festivities in Estes Park, Colorado in 2006. Thanks to Rosie Hibberd Jelden for sharing photos! Click into a picture to see larger image, then 'arrow' through to see all photos. Enjoy!

Photos taken by Marvin and Lois Dyer's son, Greg.

Class of 1951 - Recap of the 55th Reunion

The long awaited and much anticipated 55th class reunion took place August 25 – 27, 2006, in Estes Park, and is now a memory. And a GREAT memory it is, for all of us who were there – sixteen class members plus spouses and friends. The only way it could have been better is if more of the class could have been there, especially those who have health problems or other reasons that prevented them from coming. Please know that we were holding you close in our hearts and our thoughts!

As we arrived in Estes on Friday evening, there were lots of hugs, smiles, and warm embraces. The evening was spent in the Hospitality Room enjoying conversation and snacks. We had a good time renewing friendships and getting better acquainted with others. Saturday, we gathered there again and devoured more of the great snacks for our lunch, talked a lot, and looked at pictures Gina brought along.

Saturday evening the class gathered outside by the Holiday Inn sign for the group photo. Our photographer, Greg Dyer, son of Marv and Lois, brought his family and took not only the group photo, but also photos of each person or couple. You wouldn't guess it from the class photo, but a thunderstorm was moving in quickly, and about twenty minutes later the rain was pouring down.

The dining room for our banquet dinner was very colorful; tables covered with black linens were decorated with orange and white shakers, small footballs and basketballs, profiles of minute Men, and sunflowers, all done by the "Sisters Act" of Millie Serviss and Irma Kissinger. They were as cute as could be, dressed identically in pretty orange tops and long dark skirts.

Following the carved prime rib dinner, Kathleen gave a tribute to class members who have celebrated 50 years of marriage – thirty-seven and a half percent of the class so far! Then we were entertained by three bag pipers, and ended the evening by having each person share what is going on in their lives and with their families.

Sunday morning, we gathered early for a lovely brunch; this time the tables had black and white linens, and Rosie provided bags of fresh salt water taffy imprinted with "Friendship is Sweet", Class of '51, 55th Reunion, and cute refrigerator magnets with the words "Having a true friend makes you feel so warm inside. Cherish it!"

Several classmates were very generous in providing funds and all the little "extras".

Dave Alkire, assisted by Rosie and Kathleen, presented a touching tribute as the bell tolled for each classmate, or spouse, who had passed away since the 50th reunion in Lexington. Unfortunately, the list was quite long. Stuck shared some thoughts about the dash that appears between the year of birth and the year of death in an obituary, with some perspective about how we use "our dash" during the years we spend on earth. And Karl read a Helen Steiner Rice poem, "Everyone Needs a Friend".

As we concluded, there were not many dry eyes in the room, and it seemed like we all felt that "in this very room, there is plenty of joy and plenty of love for you and for me" as the song goes. The class does seem to possess a unique chemistry, and the life-long friendships among the members are some of the best in all of our lives.

It has been suggested that we meet again in two years in Lexington. Our committee for the Colorado reunions has offered to help put it together!

Marv – Rosie – Gina

Class of 1936 70-Year Class Reunion Photo

Class of 1936

It's been 70 years since these eight graduated from Lexington High School and there was plenty to talk about as they reminisced with each other Saturday, June 17, 2006 at Park Avenue Estates. From left: Elizabeth Piester, Denver; Amelia (Kufeldt) Nicks, Denver; Irene (Conner) Linn, Lexington; Eileen (Batie) Biehl, Lexington; Norine (Landercasper) Quitmeyer, Lexington; Margaret (Naffziger) Barnes, Lexington; Mary (Nimie) Khour, Iron Mt., Mich.; and Dean Edeal, Lexington. Courtesy Photo - Barb Bierman Batie

Class of 1946 60-Year Class Reunion Photo

Class of 1946

Members of the Class of 1946 gathered at Kirk's on Saturday, June 17, 2006 for a luncheon to mark observe their 60-year reunion. Front row, from left: Peg (Hofferber) Michel, Lexington; Pat (Kjar) Wojciechowski, Tucson, Ariz.; Pauline (Richardson) Stoddard, Lincoln; Jean (Saulsbury) McTygue, Overton; Jean (Hosea) Buchholz, Silver Spring, Md. Middle row, from left: LaVere (Kring) Brinkman, Lexington; Rita (Cooney) Hinds, Lexington; Pat (Anthony) Beans, Chandler, Ariz; Betty (Zwick) Hofferber, Lexington; and Marge (Winkoff) Carney, Omaha. Back row, from left: Duane Hatfield, Lexington; Keith Anthony, Lexington; Neal Buchholz, Orland Park, Ill.; Floyd Beans, Chandler, Ariz.; Dave Stuckey, St. Pete Beach, Fla.; Bob Harrington, Loup City; and John Ayers, Albion, Mich. Courtesy Photo - Barb Bierman Batie

Class of 1997 10-Year Class Reunion Photo

C-H Photo - Barb Bierman Batie
Class of 1997
Members of the 10-year class gathered twice over the weekend as part of the Lexington High School Alumni Association activities. Pictured Friday night are, front row from left, Gabriela Carranza, Shannon Duncan, Andrea Deppe, Angie Garcia, Nicole Strange, Sarah Wallace, Angie Ruff and Rena (Clark) Riley; second row from left, Heidi (Yung) Kellerman, Kelly (Anthony) Kinnison, Sara (Long) Shively, Tammy (Brock) Bojorquez, Melissa (Sundquist) Ford, Kye Myers, Tim May, Chris Longly; third row from left, Kylee (White) Kuecker, Cody Popken, Jeremy Sykes, Corey Anderson, Jeff Linden, Kasi Fagot, Brent Sinsel, Matt Fitzgerald, Mike Schulte, Jessica (Gieswein) Lee, Randy Kelley, Michael Schulte, Tammie (Robinson) Runions, Abby (Thornburg) Brecks, Melissa (Thornburg) Schukar and Jenn Shoup.

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